JDF Cup 2019

The Jermain Defoe Foundation is hosting its fourth annual children’s charity 5-aside football tournament to raise money for underprivileged children in the Caribbean and the UK. The JDF Cup will take place on Bank Holiday Monday, May 6 2019 at The Matchday Walthamstow for children between...

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JDF Cup 2018

[trx_quote title=”Jermain”] We’re lucky because we can go back to our homes tonight but there’s a lot of kids who can’t do that, not just in the Caribbean, but here in the UK. [/trx_quote] Jermain Defoe Foundation hosted our charity’s annual football tournament to raise money for...

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The Jermain Defoe Foundation is a UK-based charity that will work with the government and existing organisations in St Lucia to improve the lives of young people on the island.

Please contact us using the email address below:

Please contact chonte@jermaindefoe.com

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