About Us

Jermain Defoe and his family have launched their own charitable foundation to help homeless, vulnerable and abused children in St Lucia.  Jermain’s grandparents came from the Caribbean island and he has been visiting every year since he was a young child. St Lucia is well known as a paradise holiday destination but little is heard of the poverty and abuse suffered by children there.

Jermain and his family have been sending barrels of clothes, food and medical supplies to the Holy Family Children’s Home for many years.  It is the only children’s home on the island, housing around a dozen children, and Jermain aims to raise money to build another home in the south so more children can receive the care and support they so badly need.

Jermain also visited Soufriere Primary School after the 2010 hurricane and donated money so they could rebuild their library. He has continued to visit the school and follow the children’s progress since the devastation.

Jermain said:

“St Lucia is close to my heart and I am in a position to be able to help these children whose lives are affected by poverty, homelessness and abuse.  So many children in St Lucia live on the street or are passed between family and friends because their parents can’t care for them. They deserve a better start in life.”

Mini Documentary


The Jermain Defoe Foundation is a UK-based charity that will work with the government and existing organisations in St Lucia to improve the lives of young people on the island.

Sister Anthonia David gives an insight into the work of the Holy Family Children’s Home and the need for more space to accommodate children and more funding.